Atlantic – Filterfall BF1600

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  1. Sturdy top grate and support bar allows natural rock camouflage.
  2. Media Bag for Bio-Tech Media / Bio-Balls / Bio-Rocks (sold separately) provide maximum surface area for beneficial bacteria.
  3. Dual Bio-Tech filter mats support both mechanical and biological filtration.
  4. Sturdy bottom grate supports filter media.
  5. Rolled upper rim provides clean lines with great strength.

One-piece liner attachment flange.

Heavy-duty 1½" FIPT bulkhead.

Waterfall Width: 16"

Pump Flow Range: 1,000 - 3,900 GPH

Bulkhead: 1½"

Pond Volume: up to 1,250 gallons

Match To Skimmers: PS3900

Warranty: Lifetime (enclosure)

Dimensions: 21½" W x 19½" D x 17¾” H