Atlantic – Skimmer PS4600

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  1. Sturdy removable top lid supports natural rock camouflage and foot traffic.
  2. Heavy-duty brush panel provides maximum surface area for mechanical filtration.
  3. Heavy-duty stainless steel framed trap net for catching large debris.
  4. Rolled upper rim provides clean lines and great strength.
  5. Super Flow weir door to maximize skimming efficiency.
  6. Ribbed design enhances structural rigidity and strength.

Weir Width: 6"

Internal Water Depth: 15½"

Max Pump Flow: 4,000 GPH

Sq. Ft. Rating: 400

Filtering: Net, Brush panel

Match To Filterfalls: BF1900

Warranty: Lifetime (enclosure)

Dimensions: 19½" W x 26" D x 22" H