PondMAX – Pressure Filter – PF2400

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High-efficiency pressurized pond filter

The PF2400 Pressure Filter from PondMAX is a highly efficient and pressurized pond filtration system. This simple filter is very easy to install. This filter works great for small ponds with fish up to 1200 gallons and 2400 gallons without fish. You’ll never have to get in your pond again! Garden pond maintenance is made easy with the cleaning indicator that lets you know when it’s time to backwash the filter. The max flow of this filter is 2,400 GPH. This filter makes pond care very easy!

  • Internal Double Action Biological Sponges
  • Low Maintenance with Cleaning Indicator and Backwash Functionality
  • Simple Configuration and Easy Installation
  • Maximum Pond Size Without Fish/Shaded: 2,400 GAL
  • Maximum Pond Size With Fish/Full Sun: 1,200 GAL
  • Max Flow: 2,400 GPH